The fees is payable quarterly, not monthly.

Once paid, the fees is non-refundable.

The fees is payable within the first week after the due-date. The first of every month is the due date for fees payment.

No extra make-up classes are provided individually to students who miss their regular classes.

Students are requested to reach the institute 5 mins before the class.

Parents are requested to pick up their children within 10 mins of the class getting over.

Parents are not allowed to sit with the students for the duration of the class.

All students are expected to switch off or put their phones on silent for the duration of the class.

Students are expected to wear proper attire. Shorts are strictly prohibited in class.

Students are requested to carry their own water bottles.

The faculty does not entertain any requests from parents and students to help them prepare a particular song for a school presentation, family function or competitions.

Students who wish to take a break due to vacations or exams must inform the faculty at least two weeks in advance so that their class schedule can be adjusted accordingly.

We only provide group classes. No individual sessions are provided.